MIS- Management Information System guideline/Instruction


Guideline/instruction for use of MIS

Management Information System (MIS) for the school education department has been devised with the ideals of efficiency,effectiveness ,fairness,transparency and facilitation. This system has been thought to be user -friendly

. Now that the system is in place so it must be put to use without exception by one and all. There are chances that during use the users may feel for some further changes required in the system to attain the ideals mentioned above. If so, the users shall be at liberty and duty bound also to report any need for any changes in the system. In this context following instructions are hereby issued for compliance:
1.The MIS shall, henceforth, be the single source of information so far as it provides that information to the users / user branches.
2. If any data with respect to students, teachers or the school infrastructure is required for processing a proposal,     then the branch concerned shall use the data available on the MIS. In case the requisite data is not available on the MIS then the branch shall take a non-availability certificate (NAC) from the IT Cell. An NAC shall contain the estimated time period within which the data could be available. The IT Cell shall make best efforts thereafter to collect the data on MIS by making provisions on it.
3. No branch can put up any proposal which involves data collection from any source other than the MIS, without  obtaining a non-availability certificate (NAC) from the IT Cell that the data cannot be made available through MIS within the time period required by the branch.
4. The IT Cell can advise on the effective and creative use of the data available on the MIS.
5. The branches shall proactively suggest the report formats required for processing of their proposals to the IT Cell.
6. The state government, in particular the CM office, is very keen to adopt digital style of working in the offices. The MIS working is being watched and reviewed at the level of Honorable Chief Minister. Therefore,GOVERNMENT OF HARYANA
7. The Head Quarter (HQ) as well as the field offices of the school education department shall use and enrich the  MIS. All offices/ branches/ individuals are duty bound to update the changes in the MIS wherever they are  competent to do so.
8. Users/branches/individual are advised to mention Unique Identification No. of employees or schools (i.e. Employee ID / School Code) in every communication / proposal.
9.These instructions shall continue to be refined as per the suggestions of the users or the requirement of the department.
10.Yellow paper shall be used by the IT cell to convey its instructions/guidelines/important messages.



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